Spektrum RC AR8020T DSMX 8 Channel Air Telemetry 2.4GHz Receiver




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The Spektrum AR8020T 2.4GHz receiver is an ideal choice for pilots looking for DSM2 and DSMX compatibility, 8 channels, telemetry, and a smaller footprint, while being compatible with a wide variety of aircraft. Boasting full telemetry capabilities, as well as an integrated barometer that provides altitude and vario telemetry data - all inside without any extra purchases necessary. Thanks to it's telemetry focused design, Smart ESCs such as the Spektrum Avian series can communicate directly via the throttle port, with no extra wires or harnesses required.

For pilots looking to push the boundaries, or have increased signal strength for complex aircraft, the 8020T hosts an SRXL2 port for the option of adding a SRXL2 capable remote satellite receiver - sold separately.

Thanks to it's special SRXL2/Bind/Program/Batt header on board, this specific spot is capable of connecting smart devices, programming or updating the receiver, binding with a traditional bind plug, or connect aircraft power directly. In addition, the 8020T features a specific binding button, for hassle free binding - eliminating the problem of misplaced binding plugs.

Tech Note: "Gen 1" based DX7S and DX8 radios will not display altitude or variometer data.

Compatible with all DSM2 and DSMX transmitters
Small size - wide compatibility
Full range telemetry equipped
Barometer telemetry supported
Binding button
RF expandability with an SRXL2 port
One wire telemetry with Spektrum Smart ESCs
Forward programming compatible
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Channels: 8
Voltage Input: 3.5-9V
Modulation: DSM2 & DSMX
Application: Full Range - Air
Dimensions (LxWxH): 49x30x15mm (1.92x1.18x0.59")
Antenna Length: 155mm (6.1")

Product Id: SPMAR8020T