OrangeRX 2.4GHz DSMX/DSM2 Compatible Transmitter Module (Futaba Compatible)


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The OrangeRX 2.4Ghz transmitter module offers a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to utilize your module-based Futaba compatible transmitter. Unlike standard modules which have a fixed protocol this unit can be use for DSM2 (1024/22ms, 2048/11ms), DSMX (22ms, 11ms) protocol.

Simply remove your existing module, plug in the OrangeRX module and you are ready to bind to any DSMX or DSM2 compatible receivers.

• 100% Futaba compatible (works with any Futaba compatible module-based transmitter)
• 4 operating modes: DSM2 1024/22ms, DSM2 2048/11ms, DSMX 22ms, DSMX 11ms
• Easy to access bind button
• Range check mode

Compatibility: Standard Futaba 5 pin module-based transmitters
2.4Ghz protocol: DSMX/DSM2
Input: PPM~5V
Range: Full range system

OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz transmitter module (Futaba compatible)
2.4Ghz antenna

OrangeRX Modules use a unique Global ID for binding. In case of binding issues with other branded receivers press the "Change ID" button on module to change the Module ID to another unique value reserved for that module. There are over 4 billion unique ID's assigned to OrangeRx modules.

Product Id: 9171000303-0