ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8GHz A/V Transmitter


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This is the ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8GHz A/V Transmitter, one of the most popular A/V transmitters in the FPV hobby - an efficient lightweight (heatsink and fan-free) transmitter.

Plug and Play 

The 25mW transmitter includes a built-in super-quiet switching regulator, which powers not only the transmitter, but a connected 5v camera. No need for external step-down supplies, and no need for filtering, or a second battery. Run the 25mW directly from your flight pack! Supplied connectors are standard for all ImmersionRC/FatShark equipment, including cameras, and OSDs.

Full FatShark Compatibility
The ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8GHz Tx was designed for full compatibility with all 5.8GHz FatShark FPV Goggles. The Attitude series include built-in 5.8GHz receivers, with the same channels as the 25mW Tx. The Dominator series, with swappable RF modules, support the same channels with the ‘5G8 Alpha’ RF module.

Circular Polarization
The 25mW 5.8GHz Tx is shipped with standard ‘rubber-duck’ style linearly-polarized antennas. Upgrade to circular-polarized antennas to increase usable range, especially in urban environments. The SpiroNET Omnis, quite possibly the most popular CP antenna in the FPV world, are just the ticket. 5.8GHz RF loves to reflect off of surfaces (walls, the street, or a passing UPS truck), Circular Polarization ensures that the reflection is spinning the opposite way, and is does not create a ‘null’ at the receiver.

Extreme Range, CE-Legal Power
Install a SpiroNET 13dBi patch on the receiver to dramatically increase usable range. Even a 25mW 5.8GHz Tx can be used several km out when pointing a patch antenna at the model. Install the patch on an antenna tracker for even better performance, ensuring that the directional patch is always pointing in the direction of the model.


  • 14mW (14dBm, +/- 1dBm) of clean output power
  • SMA Antenna connector, with supplied 5.8GHz Rubber-duck antenna
  • Frequencies: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz
  • All Frequencies within legal bands (ISM + Ham Radio)
  • Not affected by 2.4GHz R/C radios!
  • Use license-free in Europe

Power Output:
14dBm (25mW)
Frequency, Band 1: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz
Audio: Stereo, Subcarriers on 6.0, and 6.5MHz
Modulation: FM, Audio and Video
Weight: 18g
Power Requirements: 2s-6s LiPo (6v – 25v)
Power Consumption: 2.5W

Product Id: IRL2102