iCharger 1010Bplus 300W 10s Balance/Charger




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A high powered charger, capable of handling up to 200W or 10A charge rates. Lipoly, LiFe and Lilo compatible as well as able to charge up to 10 cell packs.
The iCharger is famous for its ultra-accurate balancing feature. Each unit is calibrated at the factory prior to shipping!
This is a quality precision charger.
Maximum charge power capacity : 300W (@ input voltage > 13.5V)
Charge current range : 0.05¨C10.0A
Discharge current range : 0.05¨C7.0A
Input voltage range : 10.0¨C18.0V DC
Maximum discharge power capacity : 30W
Maximum extern discharge power capacity : 280W @ 40V/7A
Current drain for balancing : <300mA
Balance accuracy : <10mV
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe : 1 ¨C 10 series
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count : 1¨C25 series
Pb battery cell count : 1¨C18 series (2¨C36V)
Battery setup memories : 10
Intelligent temperature control : Yes
PC Connect : USB port
Weight : 410g
Dimensions (LxWxD) : 143x97x26mm
One copy of the User¡®s manual on CD
One pair of output alligator clip leads
One pair of input alligator clips (30A) and input leads with 4mm bullet connectors
One temperature sensor lead (0 ¨C 99¡æ(210 oF))
Four rubber feet
One Mini-USB data line(1.2 meter)
Balance expansion board and interface cable to connect to the charger
Note: Power supply not included.

Product Id: ICHARGER1010B