Cellmaster 7 Digital Battery Health Checker


Lipo Checker


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The Hobbyking Cellmaster 7 has been designed specifically for checking the overall and individual cell voltage of Lipo batteries. It will give you an instant reading of the remaining capacity of the battery taking the guess work out of it. 

The Hobbyking Cellmaster 7 also allows you to test and centre your servos.  Simply attach your servo and select the servo tester mode (BEC required).

The Hobbyking Cellmaster 7 is a must have battery checker and servo tester for the toolbox of every RC pilot/driver!

• Easy to read LCD screen
• Easy to use menu
• Full instructions included
• Total voltage, cell voltage and remaining capacity readings for all Lithium type batteries
• Displays highest & lowest cells and max voltage differential between cells
• Servo Tester and Servo Centring Function
• 1S~7S Lithium type cells

Dimensions: 84mmx50mmx16mm
Weight: 43g

Product Id: 9598000003-0